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Product Description


  • 1. 3 Recording Modes (Manual Record, Motion Detection and scheduled Record.)
  • 2. 2 Channel Audio & Video recording simultaneously.
  • 3. Adjustable Pre-record Feature (5 or 10 second pre-record options make sure you never miss a moment!)
  • 4. Boot Recording (Allows instant recording from power up in an emergency.)
  • 5. High Resolution D1 Recording (720*480@30FPS for amazing quality!)
  • 6. Dual 32GB SD Card Supported (With automatic overwrite function.)
  • 7. Footage Date/Time/GPS Stamping (With date, time and GPS details stamped on the recorded files.)
  • 8. NTSC and PAL Compatible (Works with both PAL and NTSC TV standards.)
  • 9. Easy Menu System (Easy to setup, operate and maintain.)
  • 10. Multiple Language Options (English, Portuguese and Chinese optional.)
  • 11. IR Remote Control Supported (IR remote with extended IR receiver.)
  • 12. Advanced Encryption Technique (The NEW MV757 not only packed with GPS function, but also with Encryption function: all recorded video clips from MV757 will have 2 passwords, and you will be only able to play the video on your computer by using our special player and entering the right passwords. No one can access the recorded files if they don’t know the passwords and have the special player!!!!)
  • 13. Advanced logging Technique (Every time you play the video clip, our software will take notes of what files you played, and when you played.)
  • 14. CE, FCC & Rohs Certificated (See pictures on Page 6.)
  • 15. Approved by New Zealand Government (Our MV757 DVR has been approved by the New Zealand government as in-vehicle security camera systems for the purpose of the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2007. Please check http://www.nzta.govt.nz/commercial/passenger/driving.html for your reference.)


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