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Jetplus thinks much of Automobile Safety Environment Economy

  • Fuel efficiency improvement
  • Exhaust-fume Reduction
  • Power improvement

B, C Type

Gasoline car, LPG car, military purpose, yacht, jetski, motorcycle, small size dyanamo, stove.

D Type

Diesel car, heavy vehicle, farm machine, shop, military purpose, boiler, electric generator.

“There has never been a product for cars like this before!!”

Turbo and Jetplus is not a fuel curtailment or cut muffler.

This is eco-friendly vehicular exhaust pipe. It reuires no maintenance, and is secure, eco-friendly, and easy to attach to a vehicle without making any changes to its structure.



Car inhalation, exhaust devices turbo & Jetplus!

  • Jetplus will reduce your fuel costs
  • Jetplus will correct reverse flow of exhaust fumes
  • Jetplus ensures greater fuel efficiency

Your car needs turbo and Jetplus right now!!

All vehicles experience back pressure and reverse airflow after discharging exhaust and this results in increased fuel costs, more exhaust fumes and less power. This product solves these problems immediately.

  • Fuel efficiency improvement – more than 10%!
  • Exhaust fume reductions – more than 60%
  • Power improvement – more than 15%
  • Passenger car – Gasoline
  • SUV – Diesel
  • Passenger car – LPG